5 Stunning Spaces + Saving Kitchens – #3 Modern Loft Challenge


Written By: Nicole Borgenicht

The transformation of a raw commercial space into this beautiful cooking and eat-in kitchen evolved from the sorcery of Kam Kamran, senior designer at Environetics. In working with a representative of the developer MJW for an artsy buyer seeking a functional living environment, some of the challenges incorporated exposed pipes, a limited budget, and tight space.

Kamran’s vast experience is composed of residential projects and enormous endeavors such as the Getty Center and Disney Productions. His ability to utilize architectural structures and fantastical colors with creative design signifies a mastery of any space. He used his magic wand of intuition, education, and experience to orchestrate a functional kitchen comprising all the required appliances along with an ambiance spirited for mealtime pleasure. Resembling the musical conductor, his air-drawn baton sketched every note of color; rhythmic pattern; and high-low, warm, and cool vibration.

Bright accessories generate a lighthearted mindset such as the red Rise and Shine sign over the kitchen cabinets. Within the confines of a limited space, he utilized reflective polished chrome appliances to broaden the look of the room. Mirror-like objects have an artistic feel that plays off his bright colors, adding depth and a cheerfully harmonious glow to the kitchen. He used natural light coming in from the large loft windows for the wide area and hung practical lights designating the long dining island.

Instead of hiding pipes and beams, they became part of the design by mimicking the dark shades of pipes with a gray stone counter and newly painted slate gray steel grid window frames, An outstretched multicolored carpet further lengthens and enlivens the mien of the kitchen. Kamran unified the color scheme by integrating a gamut of reds, slate grays, mustard, and a splash of lime.

The loft project falls in perfect synthesis with the Environtics mission, a company dedicated to modern designs with a positive envelope to the limit, yet within a reasonable schedule and budget, and ultimately to the client’s satisfaction. The client had an eclectic look in mind; one where old and new can mingle to create a modern yet inviting environment.

To most of us, fear would be forefront in facing lots of pipes in a confined space. Yet they are no problem to the ingenuity of modern design thinkers who immediately set up their plan for success.

Inverting the unknown to make it work for him, Kamran flipped the challenge of a limited budget into a more effective and dramatic design approach. Each conflict transpired into an aesthetic network of theme, purpose, and solution.

The final design is a whimsical interplay of objects, colors, and light – giving the kitchen an appearance of a lively, spacious work/eat atmosphere.