5 Stunning Spaces + Saving Kitchens – #4 Master Mixologist


Written By: Ashley Gartland

Some kitchens are designed for cooking elaborate meals, while others are purposed as cozy, tucked-away retreats within the home, perfect for snatching a moment of solitude. And then there are those that through an inviting, open design become a gathering place created specifically for spending time with friends and family, be it through socializing or sitting down to eat a meal hot from the stove.

Such was the focus when Atlanta’s Pineapple House Interior Design collaborated with Design Galleria to create this elegant kitchen in Atlanta. Centrally located among a family room, a student lounge, a home office, and a loggia, this open kitchen acts as the home’s hub.

The room’s most unusual feature – the cooking alcove – greatly furthered the kitchen’s appeal as a gathering place by creating more open space. By tucking the cooking zone away but not out of sight, the designers opened up the already airy kitchen while also creating a striking focal point. To avoid creating a hot spot within the room and to keep the space well ventilated, the designers decided upon a generously wide entry; to beautify the space, they employed a commercial-grade gas range with a gorgeous custom hood made of stainless steel and copper. Additionally, this move made possible the option to turn one side of the island into a space for casual dining.

The same copper material found in the alcove reappears in a deep, sunken farmhouse sink surrounded by creamy, two-inch-thick marble perimeter counters. Beyond the sink, the designers integrated a hidden paneled refrigerator into a wall of cabinets that creates warmth through rich mahogany-posed material paired with oil-rubbed bronze hardware. However, the warmth of the cabinet material exudes is just at an act as the cabinets are actually composed of eco-friendly Lyptus wood by Design Galleria.

This varied combination of materials also showcases the designers’ second accomplishment within this space. While making it a hub for the home, they created a transitional look that combines classic design and natural elements while also being unique, clean, and comfortable. Achieving the marriage between the two looks was a tall but welcome challenge.

Classical elements are found in the aforementioned marble countertops and in the limestone subway pattern tile climbing up the kitchen’s walls. Additionally, the tile creates another striking focal point by introducing texture into the space.

Above the tile, the designer placed two decorative wall sconces that give a nod to the classical theme. And though they utilized an excess of recessed lighting – a necessity for any kitchen – the most noticeable light fixture here is also of the classical sort. In addition to the wall sconces, the designers hung an antique-style ironware chandelier that perfectly juxtaposes the kitchen’s natural features.

SKMBT_C35131230170001_0001One of the most noticeable natural features is the honed browned limestone counter that the designers set atop the robin’s egg blueisland.

Further playing up the natural and classical combination are the floors that ground the space. The flooring combines travertine with wood in a crisscross tiled floor pattern.

High above the flooring, a ceiling crafted from heavy beams and tongue-and-groove boards furthers the rhythmic feel of the design and creates an added air of intimacy.

To pull the space completely together, the designers added decorative elements but made certain they weren’t fussy so as not to detract from the kitchen’s striking architectural elements. Rich fabrics – such as the creme shagreen leather with charcoal accents covering the vintage chairs in the seating area – play up the space’s elegance; the custom kitchen table with hammered iron table base and sleek mocha glass top gleams invitingly to friends and family.

This table – and its key placement made possible by the designer’s ingenious design and an open kitchen layout – speak perhaps best of all to the kitchen’s main purpose. It is here that families and friends join together for meals and all manner of socializing, for this kitchen is the place to be.