A Leisurely Space

Regardless of your hobby, be it fishing, gardening, or reading, it is likely that you would enjoy a room in your home dedicated to the activity. Almost any area in your house can be transformed into a space to house your hobby; it just needs to have a few outstanding elements. Keep in mind the following ideas when searching for the perfect spot.

Begin by looking for unused or under-used areas in your home. Maybe you have a walk-in closet that boasts extra space? A nook under the stairs? A basement that is cluttered and lacks purpose? All of these spaces can be turned into functional and beautiful rooms with a theme. Simply empty out the walk-in closet; add a work station, storage, and a few decor items; and you have a great craft room. Or tackle that nook under the stairs and clear it out; add a comfy chair, a great lamp, and lots of shelving for books; and you have a perfect personal library. In the basement, a little organization and a few trips to your local charity should clear some space. With the extra room you could transform your basement into the ideal game room, wine cellar, or media room. The options are endless.

Just remember to keep it simple and to accessorize with collectibles, personal creations, and beautiful art pieces that fit with your chosen theme. Simple decor and outstanding accompaniments will taken even the smallest hobby into a room that stands out as the showpiece of your home.