A View of the Share

A window is an eye-catching accessory in any waterfront home. A view of the water’s edge easily transforms a wall of windows into an exhibition of art. To showcase this view, make it the focal point of your interior, and design a personal oasis for your home that will make you, as well as your guests, feel at ease.

To complement the view and prevent any obstacles from destroying it, fit your windows with disappearing blinds or shades. Choose a brand of shades with vanishing cords and an untrained eye will marvel at your ability to live without window embellishments.

Color is an important element of any room. Focus on colors that mirror the shoreline to lift the ambiance of the room and allow you to feel as if you are sitting in the sand while you are relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

Subtle hints of a beach cottage design theme will add to the cohesiveness of your room. A nautical painting or a sculpture depicting marine life can be ideal finishing touches to a room that illustrates the best that a waterfront home has to offer.