Allies and Enemies of Your Garden

When maintaining a healthy garden space, it is important to learn to distinguish between insects that are beneficial and harmful bugs that might infest growing plants.


For a healthy atmosphere that is conducive to growth, good insects are imperative. To persuade beneficial bugs and animals to take residence in and around your garden, provide them with several sources of food. The majority of advantageous creatures eat soft-bodied pests that can harm your plants. Other ways to catch the attention of good bugs include planting an herb garden and adding flowers that are rich in nectar and pollen.


To keep the deadly insects out and the healthy bugs in, remember that harmful bugs like to live where everything is a mess. So keep your garden and its surroundings clean and free of debris. If you find you are still faced with an onslaught of enemy forces, try organic pesticides. These harmless sprays are rich in herbs and natural oils that will force the enemy bugs to retreat, leaving your garden to safely grow in harmony.