Feedback Decoding

The reasons we request feedback from the agent who showed your home are as follows:
1. To jog the agent’s memory about your home so that we may be able to generate a second showing because we are able to overcome any objections
2. To answer any questions or concerns the buyer expressed so the house will be reconsidered
3. To get the impression of the buyers or agents to help us to better market your house by making small changes
Don’t expect other agents to give a full or honest critique of the house. They don’t want to hurt your feelings, and if they showed fifteen houses, they honestly may not remember your home in detail. Also, if an agent doesn’t call us back, it means the buyers are not simply interested.
So, to interpret feedback, please apply the following code breakers:decoding-wom
What the agent says — What the agent means:
• The buyer thought the house was too small — The buyer found larger homes for the same price
• They liked the house but bought another one — They found other houses that were better values
• They liked the house but bought a new home — A buyer will pay 10 to 15% or more for a new house
• They didn’t like the carpet! — The seller should replace the carpet because of age or color
• Buyer liked the home but is still deciding — Your home did not meet all of their needs and they are still looking
• They didn’t like the floor plan — They didn’t like the floor plan. Some deficiencies can only be cured by lowering the price
• Did not like the neighborhood — Felt the home was overpriced for the area
• Undecided about the area — Looking in other areas. Price is a great equalizer!
Price objections are always clothed in different terms. The seller’s goal is to continuously maintain the home in the best condition in your price range.

Four Factors to Selling Your Home

There are four factors to selling your home, even in this market! These five factors are:
1. Location
2. Condition of your home
3. Terms of the sale
4. Asking price
Three of these four factors you can control! The only one out of your control is the location.
1-14-e1426175320399The location of your home does impact the value of your home. Homes located on quiet streets or cul-de-sacs have more location value than homes located on busier streets.
Other factors affecting the value of your home due to its location are:
• Mountain views
• City views
• What backs up to your property
These items give an idea of the typical factors that affect the location value. These are factors, again, that you have no control over, but play a major role in the value of the home.
But, never underestimate the important of having your home looking at its best. Having your home appeal to the buyers is very important.
1. First impressions are very important: Curb appeal and front entrance
2. Kitchen and bathrooms are important rooms: Keep clean and uncluttered
3. Flooring should be clean and deodorized
4. Paint – its is the highest return improvement investment one can make and the most inexpensive compared to other home improvement remedies
Last but not least, the terms of the sale is important to the marketing of your home as well. The possession date, financing options, and contingencies are all examples of the terms of sale. The more flexible, the easier the transaction. You can use flexibility in terms to negotiating a higher selling price. It is important to consider all aspects of the offer to purchase before making any decisions.