Checklist for Preparing Your Home for the Marketplace – General Interior Tips

Today’s checklist post is just a list of general interior ideas to help in preparing your home for market.

General Interior Tipsdownload

  • Add a fresh coat of interior paint in light, neutral colors
  • Shampoo carpeting, replace if necessary
  • Clean and wax hardwood floors, refinish if necessary
  • Clean and wash kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Wash all windows, vacuum blinds, wash window sills
  • Clean the fireplace
  • Clean out and organize closets, add extra space by packing clothes and items you won’t need again until after you have moved
  • Remove extra furniture, worn rugs, and items you don’t use; keep papers, toys, etc. picked up – especially on stairways
  • Repair problems such as loose door knobs, cracked molding, leaking taps and toilets, squeaky doors, closets  or screen doors which are off their tracks
  • Add dishes of potpourri, or drop vanilla or bath oil on light bulbs for scent
  • Secure jewelry, cash, and other valuables