Checklist for Preparing Your Home for the Marketplace – Living Areas

Days threes checklists are for the general living areas, such as the bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, and so on.

Living Room

  • Make it cozy and inviting, discard chipped or worn furniture and frayed or worn rugs

Dining Room

  • Polish any visible silver and crystal
  • Set the table to help viewers imagine entertaining543631464


  • Make sure appliances are clean inside and out
  • Make sure all appliances are in perfect working order
  • Clean often forgotten spots on top of refrigerator and under sink
  • Wax or sponge floor to shine, clean baseboards
  • Unclutter all counter space, remove countertop appliances
  • Organize items inside cabinets, pre-pack anything you won’t be using before you move


  • Remove all rust and mildew
  • Make sure tile, fixtures, shower doors, etc. are clean
  • Make sure all fixtures are in good repair
  • Replace loose caulking or grout
  • Make sure lighting is bright, but soft

Master Bedroom

  • Organize furnishings to create a spacious look with well-defined sitting, sleeping, and dressing areas