Checklist for Preparing Your Home for the Marketplace – Showtime

Your home is now officially on the market and you actively have buyers coming through your home – be it with agents or through open houses. This market time is still an extremely important time to keep your home looking fresh and clean. Following is the last checklist you will need before your home “official” sales and you are able to move to your new one.Home-For-Sale

Time to Show

  • Make sure your property profile folder, utility bills, Multipe Listing Service (MLS) profile, house location survey, etc. are available
  • Open all draperies and shades, turn on all lights
  • Pick up toys and other clutter, check to make sure beds are made and clothes are put away
  • Give the carpets a quick vacuuming
  • Add some strategically placed fresh flowers
  • Open bathroom windows for fresh air
  • Pop a spicy dessert or just a pan of cinnamon in the oven for aroma
  • Turn off the television and turn on the radio music at a low volume
  • Make a fire in the fireplace if appropriate
  • Put pets in the backyard or arrange for a friend or family member to keep them
  • Make sure pet areas are clean and odor-free
  • Make sure all trash is disposed of in nearly covered bins
  • Head out ten or more minutes before the show time, so buyers can arrive and focus on the home