Checklist for Preparing Your Home for the Marketplace

It is surprising how much the appearance of a home – either upon walk-up or entering into the home – can influence a buyer. Most times, a buyers mind is made up upon the first initial contact of a home; but there are times that a buyers mind can be swayed either one way or another upon entering into the home.

Over the next five days, I will post various checklist. These lists are of features, tips, and things that can be considered when sprucing up the home. By accomplishing a little bit at a time, your home will become ready to make, hopefully, a good lasting impression. Today’s checklist will cover your homes curb appeal – are view upon initial walk up.

Home Curb Appeal

  • Mow lawn
  • Trim shrubs
  • Edge gardens and walkways
  • Weed and mulch
  • Sweep walkways and driveway, remove branches, litter, or toys
  • Add color and fill in bare spots with plantings
  • Remove mildew or moss from walls or walkways
  • Take stains off driveway
  • Stack woodpiles neatly
  • Clean and repair patio and/or deck
  • Remove any outdoor furniture which is not in good repair
  • Make sure pool and/or spa are clean
  • Repair broken windows and/or shutters, replace torn screens, make sure frames and seams have solid caulking
  • Hose off exterior wood and trim, replace damaged bricks or wood
  • Touch up exterior paint, repair gutters and eaves
  • Clean and remove rust from any window air conditioning units
  • Paint the front door and/or mailbox
  • Add a new front door mat and consider a seasonal door decoration
  • Shine brass hardware on front door, outside lighting fixtures, etc.
  • Make sure doorbell is in good working order