As many of you know, I used to assist the Shasta Association of Realtors with their annual fundraiser softball tournament. I am looking to get a fundraiser started again, but one that our office will strictly put on – with the hopes that other local businesses within the Anderson area would like to participate.

Here’s the catch though. I’m not sure if I would like to put on another softball tournament or if I would like to try something different – like a triathlon type event (but not the kind you may be thinking).

So, I am here to ask my followers and friends to make a vote on the following two options:

Option A:
Weekend long co-ed slow pitch softball tournament hosted at Anderson River Park. With separate competitions such as a home run derby, raffle prizes, kids carnival, food, maybe a beer booth, and so on.


Option B:
A unique triathlon that would be made up of the following events – bowling, golf, and frisbee golf. With their being a winner for each event and then an all-events winner.

All proceeds will go to a charity or group, that I, again, will have you all vote on at a later date. So, make your vote and lets get this thing rolling!