How Well Is Your Agent Representing You? Does Your Value Matter to Them?

Having been an agent for over 11 1/2 years, one of my biggest pet peeves with other agents is there representation of their clients – be it the write up in regards to the property, the amount of pictures they take, or the quality of the photos taken. Some do “shotty” work no matter what the price range is, while others base it on the price range of that home – are you one of those victims? And, yes, I said victim. Agents who do this are not taking your best SKMBT_C35161130105000_0001interest to heart, or they are just plan lazy. With our world being so virtual/digital, it is important for your listing that it is being represented in the best way possibly. Their job is to draw the consumer in, to peak the consumers interest, to make them want to gain more information about your home. And how is this done? By taking quality photos and by story being told through the write up describing the property to its fullest benefit. They job is to sell your property.

Just today, I was going through some listings for one of my clients and I came across a $200,000 listing that had one sentence in the description and three pictures of the front of the house only. Do you think this agent is representing their client very well? Do you think this type of advertising will draw a buyer over another listing in SKMBT_C35161130105001_0001the same price bracket, that has a description paintingĀ a vivid picture of the property for them, and has 20 photos showing the home and all its features?

With the way our multiple listing service works, all listings entered by the agents is then launched onto on of the
top three largest home search engine portals used by consumers today – This same “lack” of information is being presented to thousands of potential buyers and is competing against 100s, if not 1,000s, of other listings out there.

I’m not going to lie, there have been times I have had writers block. There have been times I just couldn’t think of what to saw, but that did not give me an excuse to put out there a one sentence description, and it pushed me even more to ensure that I had quality photos available so the consumer was able to see what I was not able to put into words.

When interviewing listing agents, ask them to supply listing sheets – of either past or current listings. You can ask for ones in different price ranges or for ones that are in the same price bracket as your home. Ask them for sample photos to view for those same listings and how many photos they placed with that listing. Remember, these agents are looking to represent you and not the other way around.