Kitchen Style

There are so many options available when thinking about designing a kitchen hat it can seem overwhelming. Determining your style and how you wish to define your space can be a helpful place to start.

Think of a room where you have felt the most comfortable. What was so inviting about that area? Did the room seem open and spacious or cozy and intimate? Apply this preference to your kitchen. If you prefer a more open-feeling space, maximize light and minimize structural detailing. Keep countertops clear of clutter. Carry a neutral color throughout the walls, ceilings, and connected areas. Spots of color should be applied sparingly with area rugs, pillows, or a few dark pieces of furniture. Choose accessories that will provide a punch of color without detracting from the spacious feel of the room.

If you prefer a cozier kitchen, use bolder paint tones and decorate with splashes of patterns and color. Consider adding crown molding and wainscoting. Use a balance of pattern, texture, and color to create depth. Reds and yellows are said to stimulate appetite and conversation. Using white trim with these colors will make them pop.

After the basics of the room have been established, further your style by adding accessories you enjoy. Practicality and good looks can be created by an artful mix of basic elements and details. Remember, you can combine styles and mix traditional with contemporary or retro with romantic to cook up a kitchen that is uniquely yours.