Negotiation Game Plan

Being smart when negotiation your home means you have to have a game plan. Here are eight considerations and questions you must consider when negotiating your home.

  1. Is the buyer qualified? Ready, willing, and able? How, when, and can they prove it?
  2. How long has your property been on the market? Why and what would happen if it stayed on the market again for an equal amount of time?
  3. Given the market conditions, how attractive is the offer compared to other properties that can be bought?
  4. Does their offer allow you to meet your original set of goals and timetable? If not, can you negotiate on your purchase harder (if you have one)?
  5. Where, if anywhere, are you able to compromise? Price, terms, dates, team members, or maybe you can throw in personal property like a timeshare week., the chandelier, a car, or the above ground pool?
  6. If you counter their offer, you’ve bought the property back on those same terms and conditions. Are you willing to risk the buyer “walking”? Remember, any offer is revocable prior to acceptance
  7. Make a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the offer. When you see the strengths and weaknesses all written down, the strengths sometimes override the weaknesses
  8. Considering the terms and conditions of the offer, is the offer in your best interest both emotionally and financially? There is more to life than money, sometimes family ,faith, fun, friends, future, freedom, and fitness can sometimes come before finances