Pizza in Anderson

How many of you have been to Round Table Pizza here in Anderson after they remodeled the place and became a Round Table Pizza Clubhouse? My now five-year-old decided that she wanted to go to Round Table Pizza for her birthday, this even was the first I had been back to Round Table in a long time and I do have to stay I am pretty impressed.

I drove by the Anderson Round Table a countless number of times and thought it definitely looked a lot better than it used to from the outside, but I had no idea about what had been done on the inside (I just knew they were closed to business while they were renovating).

I usually do not go to Round Table because of how expensive they are; I mean really, over $100 for four large pizzas seems pretty excessive to me – and one was a simple cheese pizza. But, for another special event like a birthday party, I would probably go back. With the changes made on the inside, it definitely caters to all ages – between the larger party room, the full bar, and the much larger game room (with the addition of being able to win tickets for prizes). Everyone can enjoy themselves, I know all the children did (even the adult children).