Pricing Technologies

An agent has no control over the market, just the marketing plan. Here are some tips that may be helpful:
Never select an agent based on price
Overpricing in a rising market may be okay, overpricing in a falling market could be disastrous
Cost, price, value, and market value are numbers that represent your property
Regression (an expensive home being decreased in value because of lesser desirable homes) and progression (a home selling for more than its worth because of having more expensive homes in the area)
Over-improvements, need, buying in a higher priced area, original purchase price too high, lack of factual comparables, providing bargaining room, high cost of moving, corporate buy-out are all reasons behind overpricing
Should be price the best and should show the best within the first few weeks of it being on the market
Faster sale, fewer inconveniences, exposure, increased cooperative salesperson response, better response to advertising, higher offers, more money to sellers are all benefits to the proper pricing of a home