Small Exterior Additions Could Possibly Bring the Biggest Return

Following are fifteen small exterior additions that could possibly bring the largest return from buyers purchasing your property:

  1. Have your lawn cut and edged. Trim trees and shrubs, remove all dead limbs and debris
  2. Check the exterior of items like siding, window sashes, trim, and shutters. Clean these areas and/or paint, as needed. Give special attention to the front door area
  3. Make sure your gutters are clean of debris. Wash or paint, as needed. Re-align the gutters if they look crooked
  4. Replace broken windows, doors, and screens. Make sure each looks clean and in good condition
  5. Wash driveways and sidewalks. Patch holes and try to remove stains
  6. Repair any broken areas of your fence, deck, patio, etc. Make sure these areas are clean and in good shape
  7. Arrange outdoor furniture and firewood neatly. Put away all lawn equipment, bikes, and other toys
  8. Check the roof for shingles or flashing that need replacing or repair
  9. Touch up the “little things’ – house numbers, mailbox, doorbell, etc.
  10. Add color to your yard and front porch with flowers and/or hanging plants
  11. Repaint the address on your curb, if available
  12. Install decorative metal or stone borders between your lawn and planting beds
  13. Add large potted plants. Borrow if necessary
  14. Add fertilizer or other greening agents to everything
  15. Buy an expensive outside porch light