Be Faithful

Many buyer’s now-a-days shop for homes online; and then when they find one they are interested in, they will reach out to a real estate agent – be it one they know, one they were referred to, or one of the several agents listed as a contact agent for that online listing. The latter is where it is easy for a buyer to fall into a trap – a trap where they end up writing an offer with one of those “contact agents” and not with the agent they were initially working with.

Did you know that when you do the contact agent or the request more information form on one of the many home search engines available on the internet, it does not go directly to the listing agent? The request goes to every agent that was listed under that contact request form, along with the listing agent – meaning that you could have up to six different agents pressuring you into viewing and writing an offer 91774-8ef9eon either the property you requested information on or other properties currently available on the market.

This is all well-and-good if you have not already been working with an agent – you get to choose the best agent for you this way, or the first one that contacts you. But, if you have been in contact with an agent, one who has been sending you listings, showing you properties and getting you into contact with lenders and other contacts, it can cause an uncomfortable and even a frustrating situation – one that is upsetting to the agent you were already working with, the agent who has already put in the time and energy to assist you in purchasing your next home.

When you are shopping around online and see a house that intrigues you, reach out to the agent you have already been working with. They are able to pull up that very same listing on the multiple listing service and find out even more information regarding that listing – information that is not available on public websites. They can also find out who the exact listing agent is and reach out to them for more information. Your agent is also able to show the listing to you as well. Many times, it feels like a “slap to the face” for that agent.

If you do end up filling out the request information form, do not let agents push you into viewing and writing an offer. Just let them know that you were just looking for more information and are already working with an agent. That agent should not mind, but if they continue to push you – hang up and let your agent know.

Some tactics that I have seen or heard about some of these agents doing is baiting buyers into making a commitment with them Рthrough scare tactics (this listing will not last long, so you must view it and write an offer today), by stating that since they are the listing agent you are only allowed to go through them to view and write an offer, or by saying negative things about the agent the buyer is working with (evening knowing that some statements are false).

Overall, just stay loyal to the agent you have already been spending time with. They have become familiar with what you are looking for, what your style is, and have come to know you as a person – each important characteristics when searching for a home.