Rooms, Written By Carl Skoggard

Rewritten By: Kim A. Fuqua

Rooms celebrates some of the most luxurious and bold interiors around the globe and the creative sensibilities of the people who inspired them. Sumptuously presenting the distinctive photography of Derry Moore, the 12th Earl of Drogheda, and complemented by Carl Skoggard’s evocative text, this intriguingly designed book captures the aesthetic of style-setting figures like early twentieth-century designer Elsie de Wolfe, contemporary design icon Renzo Mongiardino, and legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

Moore’s work is informed by a keen aesthetic eye, impeccably good taste, and a technical acuity that results in extraordinary rich interior photography. His magical way with natural light turns his photographs of sophisticated, often aristocratic interiors into something very like a well-rendered Dutch still life.

The book features remarkable interiors ranging from Charleston, the famed haunt of the Bloomsbury group, to India’s Falaknuma Palace, Pauline de Rothschild’s London residence, and Chatsworth Hall, Derbyshire, the grandest of English country houses. In Moore’s deft hands, all posses an air of eclectic mystery and a richness of personal expression.

The photographs in Rooms are presented as the works of art they are, uncropped, marginless, and free of captions, in the square compositional format for which Moore is most celebrated. All photographs are from Moore’s personal photographic archive and include two dozen homes dating from 1975 to 2005, spanning nearly the whole of Moore’s distinguished career.

Garden People: The Photographs of Valerie Finnis, Written By: Ursula Buchan

Review Written By: Kim A Fuqua

Valeria Finnis, a well-known and well-loved figure in British gardening, was also a brilliant photographer. With great skill and spirit, she photographed gardeners, gardens, and plants from the ’50s onward. The “Garden People” featured are captured with subtle humor and much warmth by the discerning lens of Finnis. Gardening writer Ursula Buchan wrote the book because Finnis was both a mentor and friend whom she had known for more than forty years.

In this charming collection, we meet famous gardeners such as Vita Sackville-West at Sissinghurst and Roald Dahl and his family at Great Missenden, along with some lesser-known gardeners, nurserymen, plant enthusiasts, designers, and artists. Readers, especially “Garden People,” will enjoy the photographs and get a wonderful sense of how people looked and gardened in the decades after the Second World War.

All of the characters in the book are seen at home in their gardens – weeding, inspecting, watering, and standing proudly by their plants, wearing fashions of the day, epitomizing life and society in the second half of the 20th century – evoking a world now irrevocably changed.

Author Buchan’s favorite Finnis anecdote from writing the book sums up the charm. “Someone told me when I was writing the book that when Valerie wanted to ask the grandchildren of her next [door] neighbors to tea, she would writhe the invitation on a piece of peeled birch bark, and send it round, rolled up, and put in the curled tail of her pug dog, Sophie,” recalls Buchan warmly.