Children and Change

Children need time to process big changes. There are many ways you can help.

  1. Attitude is infectious
  2. Use the Internet, books, and other media to educate your child about where you’re going
  3. A move is the same to a child whether it’s one mile or a thousand miles away – be sensitive
  4. Focus on activities your child will want to continue or try
  5. Emphasize how and when you’ll stay in touch with old friends
  6. Let your child have some control over their new environment
  7. Contact your child’s new school and find out if there is a teacher’s blog or chat room that the kids use
  8. Remember that change is harder for some children than for others
  9. Help your child pack their belongings, starting with items they won’t need at first
  10. Bank on things you’ll do when you get to your new home
  11. It can take up to about 16 months for adults and children to adjust to a move