Vote For Your Favorite Event Name

Over the past few weeks, we have been asking you to come up with a name for our fundraiser event (the triathlon, with the event being Frisbee golf, regular golf, and bowling). We had a few names submitted, with our office choosing our three favorites. We are now asking you to vote on your ultimate favorite name for the fundraiser. While considering these names, please keep in mind that this will be a title we plan on using every year for this event. Now, it’s time to give you the three names:

  1. Roll, Throw, Putt
  2. Bowl, Roll, Disco
  3. Putting With Frisbowls

Our deadline to cast your vote is two weeks from Friday, so April 24. I look forward to seeing which title is going to win!

On a side note, the office will be selecting three charities to receive the proceeds from this event. After this voting sessions comes to a close, we will then let you vote on your favorite charity.

Until next time…

What to Call It? Gowl-a-thon, Bowlf-a-thon…You Come Up With It

A few weeks back, everyone voted on the type of fundraiser for the office to host – the triathlon type event won (golf, frisbee golf, and bowling). Now, it is time for all our readers and followers to come up with a name to call this event. Each of you give us a name and by March 27, the office and I will choose the top three names, and then we will let you all┬ádecide on your favorite name. So,┬áput your creative thinking caps and lets get this rolling!