Home Buying: Location

Are you a urban, suburban, or rural type of person?

Urban lifestyle: city living, being designed around the density of population. Tend to be located near central business districts and feature more of the multifamily type housing (row houses, condominiums, and co-ops).

Suburban lifestyle: Extensions of urban neighborhoods, but with more room for homes and less density. Usually located near schools, parks, and amenities that are family focuses and kept separate from work.

Rural lifestyle: Living in a country or farming type of lifestyle. Tend to be more focused on the land itself, away from the densely populated areas and business sectors.

When deciding the right lifestyle for you, taking the following into consideration:

  • Proximity to jobs/schools
  • Proximity to friends/family
  • School district
  • Shopping
  • Parks/recreation
  • Planned community
  • Entertainment venues
  • Public transportation
  • Proximity to airport
  • Health facilities

When looking for that perfect neighborhood, make a list of the activities (movies, health club, church) you engage in regularly and the stores you frequent; check out the school district; find out if the neighborhood is safe; determine if the neighborhood is economically stable; see if you’ll make money; see the area for yourself (talk to neighbors of homes you visit; drive around the neighborhood at different times of the day and night, particularly at peak traffic times, and try out the neighbors’ suggestions for places to eat, shop, and play; drive to and from work to the neighborhoods you like the best; look at how the neighbors maintain their homes; examine your own attitude; have in mind at least three things you must have in your neighborhood and three things that you do not want, and see how it matches up).