Buyers and Sellers Wish They Would’ve Done Sooner….

Due to the limited inventory on the market, listings seem to be flying off the shelf – especially within a certain pricing bracket.

With the spring home buying season upon us, we are expecting the market to become competitive. Based upon research conducted, when it comes to Home-For-Salethese competitive markets, both buyers and sellers had wished they had prepared a lot sooner.

Over 13,000 people were surveyed and it was found that sellers regretted not preparing their home for selling and buyers regretted not starting their property search sooner.

Zillow Groups chief marketing officer, Jeremy Wacksman, stated that “this spring, both buyers and sellers should be prepared for fast-moving sales, intense negotiations, and even bidding wars.”

Here are a few important tops for home buyers:

  • Keep options open
  • Have a realistic budget
  • Arrange a mortgage in advance

Overall, whether you are selling or purchasing, choosing a good real estate agent is important.

Are You A Serious Seller?

Following are three questions that you, as a seller, should ask yourself. By answering these questions, you will gain a better understanding if you are serious about selling. “Serious sellers” tend to net the most amount of money at closing, have the least amount of hassles, and get their desired results in the shortest period of time.

Question 1:

Why are you moving?

The more compelling your reasons, the more realistic you are apt to be about the realities of your marketplace.

Question 2:

What is your timetable for making the move?

Most sellers do not get realistic about the realities of the marketplace until time is of the essence.

Question 3:

Are you committed to move?

If you are not committed to moving within your stated time frame, you are more likely to neglect doing the “little things” that would cause a top dollar, no hassle, timely sale.

Buyers are objective about price and value. They are shopping for the “best deal”. Serious sellers know this and respond by objectively pricing and marketing their homes correctly.

Seller – Your Responsibilities

To get your property sold in the shortest time and get the best price possible, we recommend the following:

  1. Help us merchandise your home. Just like any other showroom, your homes needs to appear with its best foot forward everyday! That’s usually a lot of trouble — beds, bathroom, closets, dishes, etc., but it’s very important to show off your home in the best possible light.
  2. Please be gone whenever a prospective buyer shows up with another REALTOR. Even with little notice or without an appointment! Whenever possible, we will pre-arrange appointments, but if you are there, the buyer will not talk honestly. It is difficult to determine motivation and overcome any objections.
  3. Keep the outside of your house looking good. Remember, if buyers aren’t drawn to the image created by the front of your house, they’ll never see the inside!
  4. Please review “The Seller’s Plan of Action.”