A Purely White Bathroom

Whether your home boasts a series of large bathrooms or multiple small powder rooms, finding the right design scheme for such a high-use area can be a challenge. To keep these areas simple and clutter-free, some homeowners opt for an all-white bathroom theme. White bathrooms are synonymous with health, purity, and classic style. To create the perfect white room, it is often best to consult an interior design professional. If you decide to take on the project yourself, take note of the following ideas to help you avoid a stark and shocking room and instead achieve an elegant white space.

When choosing the color scheme for your bathroom, it is important to focus on visual appeal. What shade of white will best suit your home and your bathroom’s accessories? Blue-based whites are best for rooms where you would like to include cool-colored accessories. Yellow-based whites are complemented by warm colors and patterns. Use caution when selecting your appropriate shade or shades of white; warm and cool tones should not be mixed, and the use of pure white in any room can make it feel cold and uninviting.

Many design styles, textures, and accessories can be incorporated into an all-white bathroom. Warm lighting, lush rugs, and various textured embellishments are great ways to pull together the design. Just remember that your choices for accessories should match your style, as well as the multiple functions of your bathroom.