Which Charity?

We are getting closer and closer in getting our fundraiser event, Putting With Frisbowls, up and running. We have two dates in September narrowed down and locations in mind, but we still need to figure out which charity to donate the proceeds to. Everyone in our office was asked to bring in three charities each, we then voted on which charities our of the group we like the best – the following received the most votes:

  1. Wounded Warrior Project
  2. Homes for Our Troops
  3. Fallen Heroes Fund

We would like now to ask our readers to vote for their ultimate favorite one! Who would you like the most for us to donate all the proceeds to? Cast your vote and let your voice be heard. Since this is such an important matter, we will close the voting down Friday, June 26. Please, let us know which charity you would love to see the money go to. Look forwarding to seeing which one wins, even though they are all for a good cause!