Twelve Seller “Don’ts”

Twelve “don’ts” every home seller should know

  1. Overprice your home. It will cost you money. Get a free market analysis
  2. Surprised if the first offer is the best offer you receive
  3. Lets property sit on the market too long before making a significant change in price (it could get stale)
  4. Thinks all real estate agents and companies are created equal. They are not. Find an agent/company with a track record and home marketing system
  5. Lists with a real estate agent just because they charge the least or the most. Look for the best value. Consider the company’s track record with sellers and buyers. Ask them to show you how they actually make you money
  6. Looks just at the price the buyer offers. Analyze the total package, including buyer qualifications, contingencies, closing dates, extra costs, and over thirty other considerations
  7. Forgets buyers will shop around looking for the best buy. You are in competition with other sellers for your buyer’s attention
  8. Forgets tat if real estate agents don’t see your property as a good value, they will take their buyers elsewhere
  9. Believes those who tell your newspaper ads sell homes. You need a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your property and your needs
  10. Makes it difficult for agent and buyers to see the home. Buyers want to look at their convenience
  11. Overlooks the value of merchandising the home. Make it look its very best
  12. Forgets about controlling the pricing of the home, how it looks, and the overall marketing plan, but it is the buyers who control value. If buyers won’t pay your price, the house remains yours. Turning down offers will happen, but when you do, you are really buying your home for that amount