Unique Rooms #3 – Fruitful Transformation


Written By: Carolyn M. Runyon

What do you do with an odd-shaped unfinished basement space that had been pretty much neglected in the past? The current homeowners felt the naturally cool area was a perfect location for his recently acquired wine collection. His passion for wine, developed over the past five years, resulted in the need for storage space, and the 12-foot-by-15-foot room was able to provide plenty of area for his inventory.

SKMBT_C35140220163900_0001The general contractor for the project had just installed a wine cellar in his own home, and that became the inspiration for the color and feel of this one. This renovated room evolved into a kind of masculine retreat with rich burgundy walls that complement the deep mahogany-stained wood shelving. The Premium Redwood shelving was purchased from Wine Cellar Innovations. This wine cellar is considered “passive,” or one that does not require any conventional humidity or temperature control. Heat, light, and vibration are harmful to the long-term storage of wine, so Wine Cellar Innovations advises locating such a wince cellar in the coolest place of the home, away from windows and excessive noise. The basement presented an excellent solution.

Wine Cellar Innovations maintains Wine Cellar Preparation Guidelines section on its site with a number of helpful questions and answers for building a wine cellar and 19 points regarding construction requirements.

The homeowner has an appreciation for red wine and so opted not to install a refrigeration unit for white wines now, but he left space for one in the future. Wine Cellar Innovations Designer Series Collection became the preferred choice for the cellar because it offers a combination of custom amenities with the affordability created by mass production. The Premium Redwood shelving in the company’s Classic Mahogany stain provided the warm dark-wood accent that the homeowner was looking for.

The flooring in the room consists of classic slate tiles.

The classic tin-style ceiling came from Acoustic Ceiling Products, a company that creates classic tin looks for ceilings and backsplashes in low-cost thermoplastic panels that won’t rust like actual tin. The tiles, which are flexible and lightweight, were relatively easy to install with a variety of beautiful designs and finishes from which to pick, according to the homeowner. The general contractor added coordinating wood trim to conceal the seams and continue the upscale custom feel of the cellar. The homeowner was thrilled with the result – both from an aesthetic and an economical standpoint.

The wine cellar is next to the home gym and sauna. The owner plans to renovate part of the adjoining room to allow for a long hallway entrance to the wine cellar. The hall will have the same floor tile and will lead to a black iron and stained glass door.

The current space can accommodate 1,800 bottles of wine. The storage makes use of both shelving for individual bottles and shelves that can accommodate boxed cases of wine. The boxed cases add a decorative accent, with elegant logos of each vineyard, but they also offer a practical aspect because they can hold more bottles in a specific space than if that space were occupied by the individual shelving. The wines are sorted by grape varietals with areas for Cabernets, Merlots, Pinots, and Zinfandels. There is additional shelving for blends and then miscellaneous section for foreign and other grapes that are not collected in quantity.

When asked how he decides which wines to collect, he says that he tests a lot of wines and then invests in his preferred wines in quantity.

The tasting table and chairs, with higher seating, can accommodate four people for entertaining or tasting and are in a deep wood tone that complements the stained shelving. The painting above the table helps to tie in all the colors of the room – the blue-reds of the slate, the mahogany stain of the woods, the deep tones of the ceiling, and the burgundy walls. Through extensive research and a harmonious design sense, the homeowner combined some of the newest concepts in decor and construction with traditional elements of the classic wine cellar to create an inviting environment for entertaining and sharing his love of wine.