USDA – Bath, Doors, Railing Building Designs


Shower compartment floors and walls shall be finished with a wear resistant and non-absorbent surface to a height of not less than six feet above the floor.


Living unit entrance doors shall be side-hinged doors not less than three feet wide and six feet eight inches in height. Locking devices are to be as follows: Each exterior doorway and each doorway leading to garage areas, common hallways, terraces, balconies, or other areas affording easy access to the premises shall be protected by a door which, if not a sliding door, shall be equipped with a deadlock using either an interlocking vertical bolt and striker, a minimum of 1.2 inch throw dead bolt, or a minimum half inch throw self-locking dead latch. Locks shall not require the use of a key for operation from the inside. Further, all sliding doors, first floor and basement windows, and windows opening onto stairways, fire escapes, porches, terraces, balconies or other areas affording easy access to the premises shall be equipped with a locking device. A sliding door used as a main or service entrance shall be equipped with a keyed locking device.


Required railings shall have a minimum height of 36 inches and balusters shall be designed to prevent the passage of spherical object having a diameter of six inches.