Valentine’s Day Q & A


Q: What state produces a majority of America’s roses?

A: California

Q: What percentage of flowers bought on Valentine’s Day are bought by men?

A: 65%

Q: Conversation hearts were first made by what company?

A: Necco

Q: What State has a town called Valentine?

A: Nebraska

Q: True or False; Valentine’s Day is the largest card giving holiday?

A: False

Q: The name Valentine originated in what cultural language?

A: Latin

Q: The giving of Valentines started during which century?

A: 17th

Q: How much does the average American spend on Valentine’s Day?

A: $75

Q: What percentage of women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day?

A: 15%

Q: What percentage of pet owners give their pets a gift on Valentine’s Day?

A: 3%

Q: About how many roses are sold over a three day period around Valentine’s Day?

A: 100 million